So I only started at A Fitness with the mama booty camp on Monday and I’m already obsessed! It’s exactly what I needed to get out and get back into a routine post baby. The studio is bright and beautiful, there’s lots of stuff for my little one to play with and I liked that when the weather cooperated we took the class outside! Ashley and Nicole are so great – both with the mamas and babies! Never thought I would look forward to my workout.
— Jill H.
I joined A Fitness in July and I have enjoyed every minute of being a member! It’s honestly to the point that I look forward to getting up early for Mark’s 6am classes. If you’re looking for a great place to workout – this is it. No matter your fitness level, you will feel good in these classes – I promise! The facility is beautiful, fresh and clean and the instructors are wonderful. I highly recommend A Fitness if you’re looking for a lifestyle change or even just a great place to workout!
— Erin A.
I joined in August, 2016, I was very hesitant about going on my own but I have not regretted joining. I enjoy every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Ashley is fabulous as are Aimee and Nicole. The facility is beautiful, fresh, clean. I would highly recommend it especially for the 50+ age group.
— Brenda J.
I’ve tried many gyms in the past but didn’t really enjoy them all that much. A Fitness is completely different. The classes are smaller, making them much more personal. The instructors really care and motivate you. It’s almost like a big support group! I love it and hope to continue for a long time to come!
— Richelle H.