HardCORE! Workshop


HardCORE! Workshop


Complete Abdominal and Core Conditioning Workshop

Offered by our Personal Trainer, Mark Noseworthy

Whether you are new to exercise, an occasional gym-goer, or a fitness fanatic, core conditioning is one of the most important forms of exercise out there! Not only does it help you achieve a totally toned tummy, it also provides a strong foundation for a high quality of life. Core conditioning is known to improve posture and balance, prevent/help back pain, reduce the risk of injury, enhance daily life activities, and boost the effectiveness of all other workouts!

HardCORE Workshop Includes:

  • A complete core conditioning and fat burning workout in a small group setting

  • 2 weeks of customized core workouts to take home

  • Helpful tips and information on how to properly engage your core and get the most out of your workouts

  • Post-workout refreshments

  • An enjoyable day with a supportive and fun-loving fitness community

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