Healthy Chick

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Healthy Chick


Healthy Chick
Creating New Healthy Eating Habits!

Every girl needs a squad! Embrace healthy balanced eating habits by joining our 6 Week Healthy Chick Program. Become accountable to your goals and commit to becoming a healthy, fitter, happier you! 

Our Healthy Chick program includes:

✅ Weekly in-studio group meetings to keep you accountable and track your weekly results!

✅Easy to follow meal plans that let you eat real food and allows for flexibility based on your likes and dislikes. Including A-mazing tips and NEW recipes!

✅Learn how to set goals and ensure your daily living habits align with that goal.

✅One-on-one support! You can email or message whenever you have a question and our nutrition specialist will do her best to help. 

✅ A Facebook support group that can be used to connect with our nutrition specialist and other Healthy Chick participants. You can use this forum as a place to chat about challenges, success stories, recipes etc!

✅ Accountability! This is the most important part! We want to hear from you weekly through your food logs and activity journals. Journals will be reviewed each week and comments and suggestions provided if needed.

✅Two additional recommended workouts a week that can be completed at home!

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*Must attend A Fitness classes in order to join our Healthy Chick Challenge!

6 Week Program $50
April 13th - May 25th 

11am Saturday 
April 13th & May 25th