Lifting Queen Workshop


Lifting Queen Workshop


Join us for our Strength Training and Muscle Building 3-Week Workshop!

Offered by our Certified Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer, Ashleigh Skinner

When you think about the term “strength training,” do you imagine large, bulky bodybuilders lifting heavy weights and flexing enormous muscles? Often times, this is one of first images that come to mind when someone mentions strength training.

It’s time to rethink that!

Strength training, when performed correctly, has a long list of benefits for women of all age groups and fitness levels. Strength training can help you:

  • Sculpt lean muscle mass while fat burning.
  • Prevent and manage a wide variety of injuries.
  • Combat aging and degenerative conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis by keeping the muscles and bones healthy.
  • Improve movement, posture, and stability.
  • Feel accomplished, confident, and motivated!
  • See A-mazing RESULTS!!!

Our 3-week program will provide you with:

  • A weekly strength-training workout suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Tons of tips on how to strength train properly and with correct form.
  • The opportunity to master some of the most popular (and badass) strength training moves.
  • An amazing support system to help you feel motivated and accomplished (like the weight-lifting queen you are)!
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3 Week Workshop